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Results Systems

STAT Timing specialists (Engineer's and technicians) have developed specific software for each sports. In close collaboration with the officials of the different sports Federation concerned, the software and services are constantly being improved at our Montreal, Canada installations. At all times we provide you with the most up to date timing technology. In addition these devices are operated by specialists, professionals in this field, who have the benefit of long experience and are used to work in the most varied conditions. By combining unrivalled experience with the most advanced technology, STAT Timing has been able to gain the confidence of all those involved: contestants, officials, the press, television, the public, event promoters, etc...

STAT Timing handles the distribution of timing information to the organizers of events, to the public (By means of displays boards, video monitors) and to the organization responsible for retransmitting it on television (by superimposing times and placings on the screen).

Timing Systems

STAT uses the latest available technologies in various sports such as "active transponders" in motorsports events, "digital high speed cameras" in cycling events. At all venues, STAT provide distribution of instantaneously available data through announcer's press room, medias via video monitors and networked printers.


STAT Timing explore new frontier of communication by developing live-results applications that make results available on the World Wide Web as your event progress (Real Time update on Internet). Live-Result on line are available for the world to see in a split second either on your Web site or ours. We also provide points database, memberships renewal and management, as well as race registration. All of these features can be available on line.

Scoreboard Services

STAT Timing has the capability to interface to many existing scoreboard. Either widely use "Daktronics" boards or "Jumbotron" or others, there is a very good chance that we can hook to it and offer live information to all the race fans.

Broadcaster's Services

By using the transponder technology on each vehicle STAT Timing provide TV Production Truck with the following information ready to be super-imposed on the TV-Program;

- TV Running time with split times and speeds
- Real-time information's channels for teams and TV commentators.
- Instant Event Results and series scoring.